Top Level Productions is a collective of highly talented individuals with experience in concert production, multi-cam video edits, radio, T.V. broadcast, and more. We produce top quality multi cam live streams online that are broadcasted to your social media or video hosting site of your choice in stunning high definition and professional clarity. We can scale our production and adapt to the size of the broadcast in many ways are are being trusted by the best in the world to deliver stunning content live to their fans. 

Working with...

thissongsick-logo-black-PNG.png has partnered up with us to create a top level experience for both fans and artists. Below is our first live stream for them in which we provided audio and a live stream on top of their patio in an undisclosed location in Denver, CO. 

Click the link below for the full Big Gigantic Live Stream!

Band Back Photo.jpg

Paa Kow

We have partnered up with the Afro-Jazz Fusion Band, Paa Kow to bring to you top quality multi-cam videos from his sets in Colorado and out of state. Check out Paa Kow on his website at

Live streaming a rooftop set in Denver with!

Zach Deputy is like family to us. We toured 18 cities with Zach Deputy and a quick recap of tour can be found by clicking on Zach's name right above here. We produced a live stream to his Facebook from The Culture Room in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and reached over 7k unique viewers! Check out Zach Deputy's website at


Zach Deputy LIVE from The Culture Room 11.22.17


Not only have we produced a couple live streams from Mile High Spirits, but we have also on occasion ran sound and lights for them on Friday nights and Lyle Divinsky events. Click the video and check out this non-embeddable, "Loungin' with Lyle" video that we produced and found here: 


Top Level Studios®

We live to dream. Top Level Productions wouldn't be anywhere without the time and effort we put into the things we do at home. Everyday, we are practicing our instruments and recording pieces of an album we would like to create as well as hooking up cameras, audio consoles, and speakers to have fun while we aren't at work. Well, it turns out that what we do for fun is a lot like the work we do professionally. Each and everyday, we are striving to be the best version of ourselves that we can be and are happy to share with you our journey. Below, are carefully selected videos of live streams we have done either in our studio or out on a peculiar location. Enjoy!

Broadcasting live from the Top Level Studios® Green Screen Room with CRoW, ZIIM, and more!

Sunday Sessions with ZIIM and Odd Zoo broadcasted live from Denver, CO


Nick Bogannam, live from Top Level Studios® playing the guitar and keys with Alex Torre on visuals.